Leland’s Story


Leland Rogers
Leland Rogers

As a 64 year-old physician, singer/songwriter, and father of four, Leland has successfully melded the diverse demands of medicine, music, and family. While practicing as a cancer specialist, formerly at the Mayo Clinic and Arizona’s renowned St. Joseph’s Hospital and Barrow Neurological Institute, he has released a CD of original music that blends introspection and a broad range of musical seasonings into a fresh, eclectic brew.

Entitled “The Same River Twice“, Leland’s music and life traverse an uncommon crossroads of both cancer doctor and cancer survivor. Nearly three decades ago, while serving as chief resident in radiation oncology at the University of North Carolina, he became critically ill with an advanced stage high-grade lymphoma. Although the chances for cure were not favorable, he was indeed restored to health, only to see his own doctor and friend die from cancer soon afterward.

Leland’s fortunate recovery has allowed him to practice medicine for the last three decades, over which time he has taken a leadership role in his field. He has published several articles and made numerous presentations on cancer treatment techniques ranging from external radiation therapy and brachytherapy, to Gamma Knife Radiosurgery. Moreover, he was voted one of the “Top Docs” in Arizona in the April 1999 Phoenix Magazine.

The songs of his CD chronicle life from birth and adolescence (“Let Me Go”) to falling in love (“Just Like You” and “Raspberry Patch”) to marriage (“Unspoken Road” and “Wouldn’t Be Enough”) to parenting (“You Teach Me”) to aging and dying (“Railroad Man” and Pappy’s Store”). And all of this is cast against the backdrop of childhood and education in North Carolina and Kentucky (“Follow Me To Kentucky”).

Yet despite his intricate understanding of cancer’s treatment and cures, he contends it was love, “A Bushel Of Love” as one of the most musing and inner-directed songs is entitled, that brought him to full recovery and gave him the chance to cross The Same River Twice.

The opening song, “Unspoken Road,” could just as well describe how Leland conceived and created the CD. It was an independent undertaking. The writing and recording were completed in the sparse moments between a busy professional, academic and family life. He personally financed the production and musicians, and presents us with a very polished and appealing recording, and with exceptional songwriting.

The result is a remarkable production and a peerless perspective, with meaning and musicianship to match.